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Marketing consulting services starts with listening to your customers, connecting voices, and delivering results. Our business approach includes the evaluation of actions, processes, and techniques used to promote, sell, or distribute a product or service.

We help clients identify opportunities, close gaps, and design solutions to consistently attract and retain customers. Our goal is to collaborate with clients to maximize return on their marketing investments.

Strategy Development
We work with organizations to enhance business and marketing plans by analyzing the current state situation, listening to customers, researching industry and competitive trends, and providing recommendations that leverage innovative technologies to solve complex business problems.

Market Planning
Business starts with the customer. We work with you to clearly identify your customer targets, define market opportunities, understand challenges, and develop innovative solutions to grow your business.


Project Management
Large, complex projects are successful when all the moving parts work together to accomplish a goal. We provide the structure required to keep your project running smoothly, while offering a broad business and technical perspective to overcome challenges along the way.

We work with our clients to clearly understand business goals, gather stakeholder input for requirements development and analysis, and provide design and application expertise to accomplish your objectives.


Customer Experience
Personalized and immediate customer service is becoming increasingly more important in the age of blackberries, and mobile phones. Customers expect consistency, coupled with a positive experience – the key to optimizing the customer experience is to engage in delightful interactions across all contact points.

We work with clients to identify “key” interaction pain points across various channels, such as online, print, and phone, and develop a plan that will provide your customers with consistent information and your organization with glowing reviews.

Customer Research
Connecting voices is the backbone of every project we work on. It is important to understand your customers, gather feedback, and respond to changes in the marketplace. We work with clients to conduct focus group interviews or spend a day in the life of your customers.

We also proactively engage your internal stakeholders to obtain a 360° perspective of your products, services, and business processes. We provide research on industries, competitors, and conduct mystery shopping to better understand what is working, what is not, and how best to respond. This data is formulated into recommendations that can be used to deliver results to your bottom line.

Business Process Design
Internal processes can have a direct impact on your customer experience. We assess work environments and business functions, document processes, and provide recommendations to streamline efficiencies and automate business processes so that you can focus on the customer.