integrity, teamwork, leadership
who we are

Viewpointx Business Solutions is a female-owned marketing consulting company that works with organizations to solve business challenges, improve processes and customer experiences. Our solutions maximize profits.

Collaboration is essential at all levels of an organization. Teamwork and ongoing communication are critical components of all of our projects. The cornerstone of success is open access to honest information. This enables educated action, which delivers results.

We have a passion for excellence. Leadership is built upon our ability to recognize creative possibilities – to recognize that there is no box. Responding positively to changing circumstances, while still leveraging experience, is essential in today’s local and global business climate.

Viewpointx helps businesses shape their organizations into cohesive systems, capable of deftly navigating daily decisions and obstacles amid the myriad of risks and opportunities awaiting them.

Problem solving challenges us and inspires us to succeed. Investigating all the facts is part of our curious nature. Understanding the big picture and how all the pieces fit together helps us build the bridges for long term success.


More than twenty years of experience in industries such as:

  • Consumer Products
  • Packaged goods
  • Transportation
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail Marketing

Viewpointx Business Solutions has developed solutions for several Fortune 100 companies, cultivating a broad background that stretches across many marketing disciplines including strategy development, product development, e-commerce (Web application development), customer experience, and marketing research.

Sales and operations experience of Viewpointx Business Solutions includes corporate level sales, operational process and procedure design, and employee training